Sunday, 18 July 2010

Don't play football with sandals on

I think Iv'e broken my big toe playing football with my grandchildren yesterday. It's gone all purple and blue and it's the size of a large carrott (looks a bit like one too).
The moral of this story is, don't play football with sandals on.....

It's a good excuse to just craft all day, because I can't possibly do the hoovering, or stand at the sink to wash up, or polish the furniture etc. etc I'll just have to make cards instead. What a shame.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Demo at The Range Exeter

What a hot, hot day. A bit of an exciting day too - two shoplifters, lots of hunky policemen running around the shop and things getting knocked over from the shelves. A bit like a Carry-on film. Still the demo went well.

Thanks to all the ladies who attended the Demo. The foils sold like hot cakes. You can do so much with them and they look absolutely lovely on papers, acetate, cardstock etc.,

My next demo will be at The Community Resource Centre in Yeovil on August 21st.

I will be covering lots of different techniques once again and using all DoCrafts products both past and present. l'll bring along lots of samples for you all to see.
I look forward to seeing you there.