Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Imagination Crafts Blog Sneaky Peek

Tutorial on Imagination Crafts Blog

There's a new Tutorial up on the Imagination Crafts Blog - Here's a sneaky peek for you. There are a couple of Top Tips too so go over to the Imagination Crafts Blog to find out more....

I'll be back with more ideas and creations soon -

Monday, 21 July 2014

I'm Back - WoW Embossing Powders

Hi all,

After a short break I'm now back on the WoW Embossing Powder Design Team.  Lots of lovely powders to play with and moulds to make my embellishments who could blame me for coming back.... To see the project in full click here for the WoW Embossing Powders Blog.

Here's a sneaky peek for you...

I hope you like my new project on this months' theme "Time". Back with more designs very soon.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Upcycled Wheel hub wire Wall-Hanging

Kirstie Vintage Home - Upcycling projects

Hi everyone    

I thought I would show you my up-cycled Wheel-hub wire Wall Hanging that I made.  It is now on Facebook on "Kirsties Vintage Home" Gallery. Click here to be taken to the page to see lots of lovely recycled projects.  Take a look through the Gallery for some great ideas.

I love recycling and don't like to throw things away if I can re-use them for something else.  I recently did a Demo and Talk at Honiton Craft Club all about recycling. Lot of ladies all keen to go home and take another look at their junk to see what they could make.  Strange how things turn out - when I was younger it was all about saving money and recycling basically because we didn't have any money. Now people pay for recycled junk. If only I had known all those years' ago........ lol

More to come in future so watch this space.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Two Corner Book Marks - Inspiration Post for Imagination Crafts

My next Inspiration posts for Imagination Crafts -Two Corner Book Marks.

For this month's Inspiration Post Iv'e made two corner Book Marks.  They were simple to make - using the the Petal Flourish Stencil I spread different coloured Sparkle Medium onto the cardstock and added a small triangle of cardstock in one corner to act as the page marker.

I stencilled a butterfly onto the triangle to add decoration.  This was stuck to the card with 3d Foam tape to allow room for the book pages - that's it - so simple - these would make great presents at Christmas time as stocking fillers. You could personalise them too.

Products used:

Stencil - Petal Flourish
Sparkle Medium  Sage Green Canadian Blue Amethyst
Cardstock Agean Vintage Byron Vintage

Monday, 7 July 2014

My range of stamps

My Stamp Sets

As Iv'e had a few enquiries about my "Christinescraftyart" Stamp Sets Iv'e included them here for you to see.

The sets have a minimum of 8 - 15 stamps in them depending on which set you have and all are inter-mixable so that you can use all the images with each set according to the picture you want to create. They are all hand-drawn by me and are the sort of thing I like to use and create scenes with so I hope they appeal to others too.

Click here for my website to see some of the scenes Iv'e created with the stamps. If anyone is interested I'll be holding Workshops in Torbay using these stamps and Sparkle Medium from Imagination Crafts if you fancy a two-day holiday break in the southwest in Oct/November. Just send me an email to find out more. Email link below.

Prices are £10.99 per Set + £2.00 postage per Set. 3 Sets or more = £5.oo postage.  Contact me by email if you are interested here 

Flowers and Ferns Set 

Seaside Landscape Features Set 

Boy on a Rock Set 

Trees and Fences Set

Here's a simple image from just one of the stamps. (Please note there are no sentiments in the sets.) For more images of my creations go to my website at 

Countryside Creation with my own stamps

Build a Landscape using my own range of stamps.

This scene was made using my own range of stamps.  I have made stamps for a while now and need to start creating with them again to create more cards and canvasses.

My  own Build a Landscape Range , which I use to design my own creations will be used with inks, paints and the Gelli plate in the near future so this space for more creations.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

"Under the Sea" project for Imagination Crafts Challenge Blog

"Under the Sea" - one of my favourite subjects - 

This canvas was made with all Imagination Crafts products, as well as some tissue paper and a couple of ink pads.

Here's how to make it : Paint a canvas with Silkies, purple and gold (you can use acrylic paint if you don't have Silkies). This gives a base on which to work and gets rid of the blank white canvas.

 Cover the canvas in PVA glue and spread white tissue paper over the top. Whilst still wet manipulate the tissue into shapes to form the water movement under the sea. Paint this with blue, purple and gold Silkies or paint.Keep the edges darker as it makes you "look into the picture"

Ink through the Garden Chair stencil (just the leaves part) and the Deco Branch stencil with a brown and green ink pad along the sides and bottom of the canvas.

Using just the top of the tree from the Field View Stencil at the bottom of the canvas,  spread on  Ruby Gold Sparkle Medium. Also spread Blue Moonstone, Turquoise and Diamond Quartz Medium through the Deco Branch Stencil to the sides.

Stencil a couple of flowers from the Petal Flourish stencil to complete the canvas. To add sparkle to the tissue paper and highlight the raised surface, dip your finger into Silver Sparkle Medium and gentle spread it over the raised parts of the tissue. This will stick to the top of the raised part highlighting the curves etc.

For the second new technique using Sparkle Medium - I let some of my left-over Mediums dry in the pot until they could be formed/rolled into a ball. I then rolled them into a sausage and spiraled them around into a circle. I then pressed the edge of my palette knife into each one which made them look like Nautilus Fossils. These were then stuck to the canvas with silicone glue.

Great fun to do - have a go yourself and watch this space for more "Christmassy" canvasses to come......

Products used
Sparkle Medium - Ruby Gold
                             Turquoise or Blue Sapphire
                              Blue Moonstone
                            Diamond Quartz

Stencils - Deco Branch
               Garden Chair
               Field View
              Petal Flourish