Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Honiton Craft Club - Talk and Demo

Honiton Craft Club - 

Talk and Demo on Gelli Plates, Sparkle Medium, 3D Embossing and more.....

Today I gave a Talk and Demonstration to Honiton Craft Club ladies and gents.  It was a bit of a last minute booking so I had a little time to prep but mainly played it by ear, giving a few hints and tips on a variety of crafty subjects including using the Gelli Plate to create backgrounds for cards etc, Sparkle Medium, 3D Embossing with Silicone Moulds and more....

The ladies asked lots of questions about all sorts of crafts. As well as Demo's on the above I also added in  lots of little hints and tips on how to decorate Polystyrene Balls, how to make jewellery with Fimo Clay and how to create a Christmas Tree using Bunting etc.,  Iv'e given talks to Honiton Club for quite a while now on a variety of different subjects.  

My next Demo is at Otter Nurseries for their "Ladies Indulgence Evening" on October 2nd from 5pm to 8pm where there is a variety of things going on to keep the ladies amused including a Fashion Show, Card Making and something a little different for me to demonstrate this time -  "Decorating Cakes, Biscuits and Pies" using Fondant and Flower Icing. There are some beautiful moulds for sale in store so come along and see for yourself how easy it is to make your Christmas table look stunning this year.  Pictures to follow soon.... All this talk of food is making me feel hungry....

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sparkle Medium is so adaptable - even for Bags and Jewellery

Felt Bag and Earrings using "Imagination Crafts" products.

This useful little bag was made from one piece of A4 White Felt. I used the Butterfly Stencil and Black Sparkle Medium to create the design.

Sparkle Medium works with lots of medium bases even Felt and Funky Foam (which the Earrings are made from).  Click here to see the fabby colours of Sparkle Medium in the Imagination Craft online shop.

Once the Sparkle Medium was dry I then folded the felt into 3 with the top third acting as the fold over section. I then stitched up both sides, added a button and ribbon to fasten and added white pearl adhesive stones to finish.

The Earrings were made using Black Sparkle Medium on Funky Foam this time.  Stencil the Butterflies so that you have 4 the same size, let them dry then cut them out. (You need 4 so that you can stick 2 back to back to create your Butterfliy Earrings)

3 Gold Eye pins were used onto which I added one gold bead. Pull up 2 of the Eye Pins to form antennae then the other middle one acts as the bit to fasten the chain to with a jump ring. I stuck 2 Butterflies back to back over the 3 Eyepins leaving the bead at the top then at the bottom of the Butterfly add another gold bead through all three Eyepins then turn a loop to finish.

An Earring Wire was added to the top of the chain and adhesive stones to embellish the body - hey presto - you have a pair of sparkly earrings (and a bag to keep them in)..... More creations on the Imagination Crafts blog to inspire you - click here to take a look.

Why not enter our Challenge this month too - click here to go to the Imagination Crafts  "Challenge Blog" and if you use Imagination Crafts products you could be in with a chance of a lovely prize. Remember, you can only enter up to 7 Challenges including our Imagination Crafts Challenge to be in with a chance. (Check out the rules just to be safe)....Back soon with more creations.

Imagination Crafts Products used for the Bag and Earrings -
Butterfly Stencil
Black Stars Medium

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sparke Medium on Felt

Hi all

This creation is made with Sparkle Medium on Felt. When the medium was dry, I cut out the feather shape and added it to another piece of felt - bring to mind that you can make any shape and use it for patchwork, quilting, even stump work - more creations to come soon.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stained Glass Mirror - New from Old.

Hi again,

As promised another home-made, recycled creation - this time an old mirror that Iv'e added a Stained Glass frame to.

The original mirror was cracked so I cut out the good bit into an oval and added a stained glass frame with a flower for decoration.  I love the colours of glass - but it can be expensive to buy. The orange and yellows in particular as they use real gold to colour the glass.

Iv'e made quite a few stained glass items in the past from lampshades to porch windows.

Stained glass can look fabulous but you do need a lot of equipment and room to work. Bits of glass pinging around your workroom isn't a good idea, especially if you use the room for crafting too....

More creations to come in future for you.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Craft and Art - I love it all....


Over the next few days I thought I would show you some of my home made creations that adorn my house here in the south west. As I love all forms of both Craft and Art I often paint, use my Stained Glass to create something for the house, or just go for a walk on the beach, collect Driftwood and create something new for my home. 

These two creations are a few of the many things that I have created. I love crafting so I'm running out of space to put my home-made things.  I love to recycle too and use up old things as much as possible. This picture was put into an old frame which I had lying about. 

This painting is of my favourite beach down in Cornwall where I got married. Hubby and I spent the afternoon just playing about on this beach, he in his suit and me in my wedding dress. We must have looked a right state but it's one of the best afternoons Iv'e ever spent on the beach. We even sent off a message in a bottle which is floating around the world somewhere... Who knows it may turn up somewhere in time one day.....

The Driftwood Mirror was made using local Driftwood I found on the beach in Charmouth. 

It was made using an old mirror that had a damaged frame. I used the pieces of local Driftwood to create a new frame and added dowls and wood glue to secure it together so that you don't see any unsightly nails.

Iv'e made lots of different things with Driftwood from jewellery to Christmas Trees. 

It's so versatile. Perhaps my next venture will be a massive creation for the garden. Now there's a challenge Iv'e set myself ......  

More creations to come in the next few days..... some stained glass projects and some mixed media too. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Imagination Crafts September Challenge

Hi again folks,

For this month's Inspiration Post Iv'e made a Felt Needle Case.

Whilst playing with my craft stash I happened to drop some Sparkle Medium onto Felt and it stuck solid. Wow - yet another medium to work alongside the Imagination Craft Sparkle Paste - Whoohoo.

To make this Needle Case I cut a small piece of Felt big enough to take the "Butterfly Flight" Stencil. I then spread Silver Sparkle Medium over the top and waited for it to dry (I left it overnight just to be sure) Once dry I cut a smaller piece for the centre to take the needles.  I then stitched the centre with running stitch and cotton to attach the inside to the decorated outside piece of felt.

I attached an embellished ribbon to the top and added a Sparkle Medium Butterfly to the end of the ribbon. Embellishments were added to give the piece a bit of bling too. Lots of ideas now mulling around in my head for other projects to make with Felt.

Why not get out your craft stash materials and felt pieces and see what you can come up with for the Imagination Crafts Challenge in September. Don't forget to check out the rules - you can enter up to 7 Challenges including the Imagination Crafts Challenge and if you use Imagination Crafts products you could be in with a chance of a lovely prize too. Click here to be taken to the shop where you can find lots of bargains, sale items and much, much more..

Products used for this project were:

Sparkle Medium Diamond
Butterfly Flight Stencil 

For more ideas check out the Imagination Crafts Inspiration Blog and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.