Friday, 25 September 2015

From Autumn Leaf to Rose

From Leaf to Rose.

I made this Rose from some Maple leaves I picked up the other day. 

The middle leaf was folded inward and wound around itself to form the centre bud.  I then added extra leaves getting larger and larger as I added them around the centre bud. They were stuck down with a Glue Gun and edged with Starlight Paint from Imagination Crafts.

Eventually they will perish but I cannot wait for all the Autumn colours to arrive to make more. 

They would look lovely on a wreath for Christmas so I may spray them with Acrylic varnish to seal them in the hope that they last longer.

Friday, 11 September 2015

My new techniques for Imagination Crafts

My Starlight Paint Techniques for Imagination Crafts

Here are the two techniques I devised for Imagination Crafts using the new Starlight Paints as Sue used on the new Hochanda channel "Imagination Crafts" show seen yesterday 10th Sept.

Technique No 1.  - Painted flowers using Starlight Paint.  

These flowers and leaves were painted with "Starlight Paints" - to get this affect you load your paint brush with two different colours (one either side of the brush) then press down the brush down onto dark cardstock and wiggle to spread the colour into a petal shape leaving the darker colour in the middle.. Lift off the brush and do the same again to create another petal. Turn the cardstock to make it easier to paint each petal in turn until you have a complete flower,

The leaves were done in a similar way but you just press down and spread the colour onto the cardstock whilst wiggling the brush a little then turn the brush  and lift away from the card which will then form a point. Do the same for the other side of the leaf and then, when dry, cut them out to use as embellishments. 

Technique 2- "Sparkle Medium" Large Glitter

Spread some Sparkle Medium onto a Craft Mat and let it dry out. Scruch it up into big flakes and use this to stick onto your cardstock like big glitter. It looks fabulous if you use lots of different colours too. 

I hope you like my new techniques - I'll try and get a video up on here for you to actually see how I| did this. Off now to play even more with my craft stash.......

Friday, 4 September 2015

My crafting is going International....

My Freelance work is taking me International..

You never know who is watching whilst you are Demonstrating do you.......  

I was "spotted" at a card-making demo by the owner/founder of Art-Kure stamps and pens and am now working for the U.S. market.  

Art-Kure have their own website (currently being re-vamped) but currently mainly sell via Crafter's Companion USA and the stamps I am working with can be seen on their website.  

Art-Kure have a variety of ranges including "Timeless Britain" which are lovely scenes of iconic British views, scenes, landscapes, famous buildings etc.,  Just my cup of tea. They also have flowers of all sorts and USA iconic images such as The Statue of Liberty, The White House, Winter in Central Park etc., 

The card above is made on Acetate using the "Yosemite Chapel" stamp. Exciting times ahead I think.......