Sunday, 17 July 2011

Christmas Decoration Step by Step

 As promised the Step by Step instructions for the Christmas Decoration - You will need 12No. pieces of 2" x 3" paper - 6 of one colour and 6 of another plus two circles. (I used two die cut flower circles using the new Dies from XCut). 

Cut all of the pieces into a point as shown in the picture.
Start your cut approx 1" up from the bottom and cut to point (top centre).   

Roll each piece around a pencil then glue with Anita's Tacky Glue.

Lift each piece off the pencil before the glue is dry and twist to form a
 cone shape. Your cone should be smaller at the bottom than the top.

Stick all these cones to one of the circles using Tacky Glue then turn the whole thing over and add ribbon for the handle.

Stick the other circle onto the cones and leave to dry.

Decorate to finish.  These can be made into hanging Calendars, Place Mats, Decorations, Coasters etc., Hope you found these instructions useful. Any feedback most welcome.   

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  1. I love these - they are fab! Well done you....