Friday, 7 October 2011


At my Demonstrations I am always being asked how to make a Stepper Card as people find them difficult to make. Hope you find the instructions easy to follow. Here goes:

1. Take a C6 Card and cut off a small slither off the opening side so that the card measures exactly 4" wide. (See cross-hatched area on the picture) This will help when measuring your score lines for the steps.    

2. Open the card with the inside facing you. Measure 1. 1/2" in from the long edge and draw a line - this will give you the side part of the card that stands up without the steps.

Now for your score lines.  On the left half of the card measure in 2" and score from the line you have just drawn to the edge of the card.(See diagram - dotted lines)  This will in effect create the large step at the back of the card.

3.  On the right hand side of the opened card - from the bottom edge, score 3/4" in from the bottom and again another 3/4" from the line you have drawn out to the edge so you have two equal score lines  This will give you the small step when folded. 

4. Next, measure in from the last score line you made another 1.1/4" and score another line. This will give you the middle step when folded. See diagram for measurements and how it should look.
Now cut from the first score line, (along the solid line),  down to the last score line - See small crosses on the diagram.

5.  Now for your folds. Hold the card up as normal and fold down what was the centre of the card leaving the side part upright.  Crease your 2" score line into a Mountain fold giving you the back step.

6.  Concertina the rest of the score lines to create the middle step and small step in the front of the card.

Hey Presto - All Done.  Top Tip: Cover your card with paper before you cut and score. It's much easier than doing it afterwards.
I hope this helps all the ladies and gents who have requested the instructions. Let me know if you have any queries by leaving a comment and I will do my best to assist. Thanks.

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