Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Recycle to Create Lovely Table Decorations

Recycled Bottle Table Decoration
This table decoration was made using a Tonic Bottle. I am well into recycling and try and find things around the house to use. Besides that, this was a good excuse to finish a Gin and Tonic as this table decoration is made with a Tonic bottle, which had to be empty of course...... I hope you like it and are inspired to create your own works of art using recycled products.


Cut the bottom off a lemonade and tonic bottle. You will see they are shaped so follow the shapes, rounding off the sections to form petals and you will create your two flowers, one bigger than the other (which fit inside one another to create a flower).

Colour the plastic with permanent markers.

Piece a hole in each of the outside  "petals" and add a jump ring. Add chain to this ring all around the flower.
Add a crystal bead to a head pin and form a loop which you can then attach to each of the jump rings. Hey presto you have your table decoration.
I also coloured a candle T-Light with permanent markers too to match the colour of the candle-holder.


  1. I love this project Chris. You are so talented to think up these things.

  2. Fab project, really great idea
    Lindsay xx