Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tree of Life Card made with my own range of stamps.

 Hi again all.

Thought I would show you my Tree of Life Card made with two of my Stamps - the bare tree from Set 1 and one of the branch and leaf stamps from Set 2.
Iv'e added some driftwood to the side wrapped in  blue wire, a blue raffia bow and sentiment to complete the card.

Iv'e also been busy making Embellishments with Polymer Clay - take a look at some of the buttons, beads, card toppers etc., I love fimo and other types of clay as they are so versatile.  As you can see I'm into anything and everything to do with crafting. (Housework comes second I'm afraid)

Iv'e also made a clay and glass pendent.

I used a glass pebble and wrapped fimo clay around the pebble, moulding the clay into leaf shapes etc., before baking it in the oven. An Eye Pin was also added to the back of the pebble, pressed into the clay,  before baking so that I can attach a jump ring and chain to use as a pendant.


  1. Hi Christine I'm Elaine your latest follower. I love the tree stamp and the colour you have used is fab !.
    Well done . Looking forward to see more of your work
    Hugs Elaine

  2. I love this design - the colour gives it so much atmosphere too.
    Stunning x