Friday, 20 June 2014

Next Talk and Demo- "Recycled Crafts" at Honiton Craft Club

Honiton Craft Club 25th June 10.a.m. - 12. noon." RECYCLED CRAFTS"

For this demo I chose Recycled crafts - I'm constantly looking at all my crafty bits and pieces and the items I have at home and wondering how to alter them.  So when I took down this old horrible window blind I thought  the material was too good to just throw away so it ended up.......

                                           From this:                       

To this:

A little sewing and Sparkle Medium later (about 2 hours) I had a new shopping bag or swimming bag as it's made of some strange material that feels like it's waterproof so great for my wet cossy after swimming or those frozen bits from the shopping .

Why not take a look around your house and see what you could alter. 

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  1. This looks brilliant and a fabulous idea.
    Linda xxx