Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stained Glass Lampshades

As well as crafting with cardstock, making jewellery, making my own silk papers from mulberry silk fibres, painting etc etc, I also like to dabble in Stained Glass. I jumped right in at the deep end with this Stained Glass Lampshade - typical me - never do anything plain and simple but it did test my skills and make me realise that working with glass isn't as easy as it looks.

After I'd applied all the plasters to my fingers I managed to finish the project which is now on display in my living room lighting up my life each night.

I also love to paint - to see some paintings go to on the main Gallery page.

Lots more craftiness to come - I will show some felt work next and will include a "dry felt tutorial" on how to make a felt flower. All you need is an embroidery hoop, some material, (calico will do),  a felting needle, some wool fibres (which you could comb out from an old jumper with a wire brush if you want a cheap way of doing it to practice) I usually purchase wool fibres for my main projects especially when creating pieces for the wet felt method. More of this to come too.......

Iv'e been very naughty and bought an Embellisher machine now so will be able to show some embellished pieces in the near future. 


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  1. A master of all trades Christine I admire you for all your craftiness.
    Hugs Elaine
    Your an inspiration