Friday, 28 September 2012

Love these new Acrylic paints....

A picture I painted whilst at the Westpoint Craft Show.

Iv'e been off to the Westpoint Craft Show in Exeter and had a go with some new Acrylic paints that stay wet longer than the average Acrylic paints. You can also spritz the paper to keep it wet whilst you are working with the paints which is great as I like to "fiddle" with the picture whilst I'm painting.  These new paints work a little like oil paints which I also love.

Approximately 10 of us joined the Painting Workshop and we all sat round in a horseshoe shape whilst we tried out the paints and copied the artist who demonstrated how to paint the picture. I coudn't resist buying some of these as they give you the ability to use them like watercolours or oil paints. I think I could be persuaded to keep painting with Acrylics in future. 

Iv'e also been card-making again and trying out some new Sparkle medium I purchased from Imagination Crafts - this sparkle medium can be used with stencils or on it's own to create backgrounds etc.

You place your stencil over the cardstock and tape it down with low tack masking tape then spread on the sparkle medium through the gaps - I used a palette knife to do this.

When you have covered all of the gaps, peel off the stencil and you are left with the stencil image which then needs to dry before putting onto your chosen background card.
I inked up my background papers first so that I had the background all ready to go before applying the paste/medium.

The flowers were the Big Bloomers range from DoCrafts whick I inked in various colours - this card can be seen on my Gallery on the DoCrafts website. Just click the word "Gallery" to see my creations. I am regularly updating my DoCrafts Gallery so please go over and take a look now and again for more crafty creations.


  1. Hi Christine - great painting - are they the Golden Open Acrylics?


  2. A gorgeous card and an absolutely stunning painting, really beautiful, love the colours you have used
    Lindsay xx

  3. Your card is sweet and I love your flowers, but your painting is amazing. It looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Gorgeous.