Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas craft ideas

Make your own decorations at Christmas.

I thought I would put up this Christmas Decoration and Paintbrush holder for you to see - something to keep you all busy this weekend if you fancy a bit of crafting.

The decoration is made from square pieces of cardstock folded into triangles and cut at angles. Each piece is then stuck together to form this decoration which, if made in white, resembles a snowflake. Iv'e made mine in various shades of red and added an embellishment in the middle to give a bit of Christmas sparkle. 

The Paint brush holder is a recycled crisp tube (I did eat all the crisps in one go just so I could use the tube you understand!)

The tube was covered in  fabric paper with glittered leaves and tissue flowers added to decorate the front. Somewhere for all my paintbrushes now so no excuse to leave them lying around the house. 

Decorated tubes have lots of uses, especially in childrens' rooms and might just encourage them to tidy up too if they make one for themselves. It's good to recycle things too.

  Happy crafting.


  1. I love those decorations, I have made some too and will be hanging them on my patio doors for Christmas. xxxx