Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Crochet Flowers -Video tutorial

Hi - At last I now have my camcorder and so I can add video tutorials to this blog.
My first attempt is a  video of crochet flowers.  There will be many more to come using Pan Pastels, paints, fusible fibres, card-making, felt and silk work.

I hope you enjoy the video - please leave a comment as I'm always looking for constructive criticism for future videos.


  1. That is a great video Christine. I will have a go as soon as i finish my projects i am doing at the mo. Thanks :)

  2. OOh - I've always wanted to give that a go.
    What a brilliant video - hard to believe that it's your first!
    All I need to do now is get myself a crochet hook!
    I am soooooo going to be making loads of these - so glad I have your video so that I can craft along with you xxx
    Thanks for doing this x