Friday, 22 February 2013

Jewellery Demo at Otter Nurseries on Sunday 24th February

Funky Feather Earrings.

My next Demonstration is at Otter Nurseries near Honiton on Sunday 24th February and this time I'll be making jewellery. 

I'll be making all sorts of jewellery including these Funky Feather Earrings. These earrings are so easy to make and must have cost approx only 30p- 40p to make. (Similar earrings are currently on sale at major retail stores for £2.99 or more). 

Pop along to say hello and join in - make yourself a lovely pair of earrings to take away with you. You never know, it may start you on a completely new inexpensive and easy hobby.
Earrings like these are great for presents so get prepared for those birthdays coming up and of course, dare I say it that scary word " Christmas"........Hope to see you there.



  1. These are fabulous hun, really love them
    Lindsay xx

  2. Looks like those feathers would tickle me to death! LOL Love Aunty Jean

  3. Hi looks lovely I'm at Otter Nurseries in Wincanton on Saturday - hope you have a great day (not sure if you are at the same one on Sunday)

  4. Don;t you dare say that word LOL.. i'm coming to England this year so will have to see where your having workshop at that time I'd love to take a class..