Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Craft and Art - I love it all....


Over the next few days I thought I would show you some of my home made creations that adorn my house here in the south west. As I love all forms of both Craft and Art I often paint, use my Stained Glass to create something for the house, or just go for a walk on the beach, collect Driftwood and create something new for my home. 

These two creations are a few of the many things that I have created. I love crafting so I'm running out of space to put my home-made things.  I love to recycle too and use up old things as much as possible. This picture was put into an old frame which I had lying about. 

This painting is of my favourite beach down in Cornwall where I got married. Hubby and I spent the afternoon just playing about on this beach, he in his suit and me in my wedding dress. We must have looked a right state but it's one of the best afternoons Iv'e ever spent on the beach. We even sent off a message in a bottle which is floating around the world somewhere... Who knows it may turn up somewhere in time one day.....

The Driftwood Mirror was made using local Driftwood I found on the beach in Charmouth. 

It was made using an old mirror that had a damaged frame. I used the pieces of local Driftwood to create a new frame and added dowls and wood glue to secure it together so that you don't see any unsightly nails.

Iv'e made lots of different things with Driftwood from jewellery to Christmas Trees. 

It's so versatile. Perhaps my next venture will be a massive creation for the garden. Now there's a challenge Iv'e set myself ......  

More creations to come in the next few days..... some stained glass projects and some mixed media too. 


  1. Love them both but I adore the mirror.... talented lady x

  2. Love all your creations Chris. You're such a talented lady. I'm moving home in the future and will be doing my bathroom in a beach theme so will be keeping an eye on those driftwood ideas. :o) xxx TD

  3. Oh wow Suzie - such wonderful pieces - they really are gorgeous xx

  4. WOW Christine, these are absolutely stunning! I do so love the painting it is awesome!

    Linda xxx

  5. Wow Christine these are gorgeous. Love the driftwood mirror and your painting is super.