Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stained Glass Mirror - New from Old.

Hi again,

As promised another home-made, recycled creation - this time an old mirror that Iv'e added a Stained Glass frame to.

The original mirror was cracked so I cut out the good bit into an oval and added a stained glass frame with a flower for decoration.  I love the colours of glass - but it can be expensive to buy. The orange and yellows in particular as they use real gold to colour the glass.

Iv'e made quite a few stained glass items in the past from lampshades to porch windows.

Stained glass can look fabulous but you do need a lot of equipment and room to work. Bits of glass pinging around your workroom isn't a good idea, especially if you use the room for crafting too....

More creations to come in future for you.


  1. This is gorgeous Chrstine! I really love the colour! You're so clever!

  2. beautiful work Christine - love the green - amazing work. x

  3. This is beautiful Christine,the colour of the glass is lovely. I'm amazed to hear they use real gold to colour the glass, wow ! no wonder it can be expensive lol !! You are a very talented
    lady ! Hugs Jennifer xx

  4. Hi Christine, this is beautiful, you are a clever lady !!! I love the colours around the mirror. I didn't realise they used real gold to colour the glass, no wonder it can be expensive lol !!!
    Crafty Hugs xx

  5. Wow Christine, this is gorgeous. Love the frame and the colours.