Friday, 18 July 2014

Upcycled Wheel hub wire Wall-Hanging

Kirstie Vintage Home - Upcycling projects

Hi everyone    

I thought I would show you my up-cycled Wheel-hub wire Wall Hanging that I made.  It is now on Facebook on "Kirsties Vintage Home" Gallery. Click here to be taken to the page to see lots of lovely recycled projects.  Take a look through the Gallery for some great ideas.

I love recycling and don't like to throw things away if I can re-use them for something else.  I recently did a Demo and Talk at Honiton Craft Club all about recycling. Lot of ladies all keen to go home and take another look at their junk to see what they could make.  Strange how things turn out - when I was younger it was all about saving money and recycling basically because we didn't have any money. Now people pay for recycled junk. If only I had known all those years' ago........ lol

More to come in future so watch this space.

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