Sunday, 1 March 2015

Imagination Crafts 3 Hearts Wall Hanger

Hi all

For this month I chose to make a 3 Heart Wall Hanger for my Imagination Crafts project.

Firstly I cut out 3 hearts of different sizes and painted them with Chalk Paints.  I then added Crackle Medium then repainted each Heart so the cracks appeared when the paint dried.

I then stamped some dots onto each heart around the edge for decoration. I used the Deco Branch Stencil with two colours of Sparkle Medium to finish each heart.

Jump rings were threaded through the top of each heart and a chain added to all 3 so that the hearts hung down in a row. More to come using Imagination crafts products in the future.

Products used in making the 3 Heart Wall Hanging
Stencil - Deco Branch
                                        Paint Chalk Paint Lamp Black,  Vanilla
                                        Sparkle Medium - Chartreuse,  Golden Pine


  1. Loving this Christine, the crackle you have achieved looks wonderful.
    Linda xxx

  2. Love your hanging hearts. The stencil looks great on them. A lovely project.
    Amy x

  3. Gorgeous background, stenciling, colors. Love your all unique hearts, Christine

  4. WOW this is stunning.. its sooo pretty xx

  5. These look wonderful Christine. Carol x

  6. beautiful wall hanging christine - love the crackle - it looks awesome xx

  7. How lovely Christine!! Love it! xxx