Tuesday, 1 May 2012

DoCrafts Creativity Club Blog Prompt

Lucy Cromwell A4 Decoupage
Card Making Set
DoCrafts Creativity Club are hosting a 31Day Blog prompt and the subject for today is- "5 reasons why you should craft".  I may not be able to join in everyday but will do my best to add to my blog as much as possible over May using the Creativity Club Blog prompts on the Creativity Forum.

My 5 reasons why I craft are:
1.Crafting makes me think more about creating something new from something old. 
2. Crafting make me lose myself in creating.
3. Crafting makes me think about recycling materials
4. You can eat chocolate whilst crafting - yummy - and finally - 
5 Crafting makes me explore new ideas and techniques - to explore new methods, to seek out new materials and products - 
To boldly craft where no crafter has gone before.
 (Sorry couldn't resist that) 

Iv'e added a card Iv'e made using the new A4 Decoupage Card Making Kit from Lucy Cromwell Card now in your local retail stores. This is just one of the card samples for my forthcoming demo at Buy and Save in Wellington on Saturday 5th May. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Yes! I agree with eating chocolate...

    Thank you for taking part x